With its superior service comprehension, “KrcPack” adds value to its products by offering innovative and quality package diversity in terms of all kinds of needs which have gained a seat as a part of our daily life, primarily in the Food Sector.

At KrcPack Ambalaj Sanayi Tic. A.S., we manufacture the below-mentioned packages and sacks with our laser perforated and shape cutting, zipped and self-adhesive taped packages using the latest technologies and advanced machines provided by international famous manufacturers to our facilities.



Food companies aim to transfer the food produced to the consumer with maximum confidence thanks to healthy and well-resolved packaging. In this direction, they want the product not to be damaged by temperature and pressure factors. Retort packaging is preferred as an alternative to traditional and industrial canning methods. With retort packaging;

• Since it occupies the less space as a storage area than canned products, it provides financial gain in logistics, storage and production stages
• Easy to carry and open
• It can be produced with three-layer or four-layer material structure
• Retort can be applied in doypack, three side seal and shape cut pouches forms
• Thanks to its material structure, it protects the product it is in contact with against the effects of temperature, humidity and pressure, and extends the shelf life of the product.
• The aroma and the taste of the food is not spoiled
• Shelf life is long
• Retort packages are frequently used in the food industry like meat, fish, chicken,cheese, instant sauces, cooked ready meals, soups, appeAzers, pet foods

In the strategy announced by the European Commission in January 2018, it aimed to increase the plastic production to 55% in 2025 and to 65% in 2030. Recycling of raw materials, which take a long time to dissolve in nature, increases the lifetime of the raw materials, while reducing the amount of waste accumulated in the nature.


ALer the used wastes are separated and collected according to their types, it is called recycling to gain as raw material through various physical and chemical processes. Recyclability depends on the collection of the used wastes and recycling flows available in each country.

Recyclable Packaging

Packaging is a requirement that conveys basic needs that appeal not only to people but also to nature and animals. Also packaging is one of the most used products in the world with an increasing population and demand density. Recyclable packaging type can be defined as environmentally friendly packaging with its recyclable feature. Due to the increasing population and needs, minimizing the damage to the nature is one of the main goals of our company. In line with this goal, we ensure 100% recyclability of our packages with the use of recyclable raw materials in our packages. Sample products frequently used in the industry; Recyclable packages can be produced for food, pet foods, personal
care, household cleaning, textiles and agricultural products. Preference of environmentally friendly companies with recyclable packaging;

  • The amount of waste is reduced so that waste areas are minimized,
  • The reduction of raw material is prevented and thus contributes to both the company and the country’s economy,
  • It provides energy saving,
  • Since it is 100% recyclable, the destruction of natural resources is reduced,
  • It protects the product from external factors with its extra barrier material structure especially in food products.


We attach importance to innovation because it is about enabling customers with the ability to use our packaging solutions more efficiently, quality, high performance, and environment-friendly.










Packaging not only has to protect its contents, its successs rests on its ability to distinguish the visual and physical properties that make it stand out from the crowd and connect with consumers as part of the brand experience.

Packaging must also add value throughout the supply chain, making distribution to and handling by the consumer as efficient as possible while minimizing its environmental impact. Therefore, we are constantly seeking for packaging innovation with the essence of KrcPack packaging intelligence.

To realize that approach, KrcPack leverages closer relationship with its customers, ensuring that KrcPack, as their packaging partner, fully understands the dynamics that are shaping its customer’s markets to deliver the innovative packaging that they need and want.