More than a package…

Its manufacturing power based on the advanced manufacturing technologies, its expert staff, the use quality raw material and its experience that it has gained for long years lie behind its high-grade “KRCPACK” Packages.

The Laser Perforation allows for manufacturing the flexible packing materials as micro perforated and/or notched on high speed manufacturing lines with the aim of “easy tearing”. The micro-perforation characteristic of flexible packing materials raise the maximum shelf life of fresh products and provides self-ventilation for the storage period.



It is an application for flexible packages devoted to opening the flexible package in an easier way and maintaining the freshness of product in the package by reclosing the package.

The packages are made more convenient by making applications to the flexible packages such as suspension hole and Mexican Hat (Euro Hole) in order to hang anywhere or the hand hole in order to carry it easily.

Thanks to the cap application which may be applied to the flexible package types, the cap may be opened and closed and this allows for reusing the bags.