The ready meals market is segmented by product type into frozen ready meals, chilled ready meals, canned ready meals and dried ready meals. For all these segments we have suitable packaging solutions.

For frozen ready meals our easy to open and carry stand up pouches are perfect packaging solutions. Reclosure systems allow to keep some food in pack for next time.

For all type of chilled ready meals, even for liquids, our stand up pouches and spout pouches are ideal. High barrier properties keeps food safe and microwavable structures allow to heat food in pack.

Canned ready meals? No, the new trend is retortable pouches. Easy to carry, easy to open, easy to use and healthy. These super bags reduce retort time and keep all vitamins and nutrients in your meal.

For dry meals pouches are perfect options. Keep your meal dry and clean until you eat it.

New trend for sauces is also spout pouches. Easy to carry, easy to open, easy to recluse, easy to storage and super handy.

At KRCpack, using high-tech machinery, we produce any kind of flexible pouches for ready meal & sauces. We have packaging  solutions retortable, suitable for spout and reclosure systems. High barrier properties, various types of reclosure systems, easy carry handle and easy open options applied pouches offer efficient, practical, durable, healthy, low cost and consumer friendly packaging solutions.