Our Mission

We are producing innovative and eco-friendly packages, by using our experience and knowledge with the guidance of our sense of quality.

Our Vision

To be an active packaging company that operates globally, being chosen for its reliability, range of product, service quality, and competitive position in package industry.

Our Mission as KRCPACK Human Resource

To update knowledge and enhance skills in order to obtain customer satisfaction both internal and external with the help of physical sources, equity, and financial sources; moreover, to promote existing employees and bringing new talents to the company by encouraging creativity. To ensure that KRCPACK is the most preferred company for superior employees in the packaging industry.

We are dedicated to develop skills and competencies, and to provide added value to our organization and human life in accordance with the goals of our company, by increasing motivation with the philosophy of supporting and consulting 24 hours a day, distributing our love equally, and analyzing the definitions and priorities of all tasks / units effectively, in line with our ethical and legal processes, adopting team spirit, objective, holistic, quality-oriented and constantly evolving perspective.

Our Vision as KRCPACK Human Resource

With the contribution we create in business results, to reference our environment with our innovative and sustainable Human Resources practices and to increase our preference.


Our basic Human Resources Policy is to unite the requirements of the business with the skills and abilities of the employees, and to select, develop, evaluate and manage the human resources according to contemporary criteria and with the principle of equal opportunities for everyone.