To protect our environment and provide its sustainability we should obey all environment’s laws and regulations and keep harmful effects under control, we need to constantly improve our environmental performance by reducing harmful effects, improving this conciousness we will leave a clean nature to next generations.

• We have to provide all kind of legal requirements and customer’s requirements, we should improve and make it better permanently.
• We shoul take into consideration the environmental effects on production investments.
• Reduce our waste as minimum, prevent pollution on its foundation, recycle them as for as possible. If they can not be recycled, we destroy them by avoiding make any damage to nature. So the affects on nature reduced in this way.
• We give educations to our employments, our suppliers and our subcontractors in regard to environment and this improves conciousness.
• We take forward environment management system about to increase our environmental performance.
• It guarantees to rewiew periodically to reach these targets and purposes.