More than a package…

With its knowledge and experiences that it has gained in the packing sector for long years, KrcPack Ambalaj Sanayi Ticaret A.Ş. (KrcPack Packing  Industry Trade Co. Inc.) manufactures package to the world in its packing manufacturing facilities of total 12.000 m² area which has 9000 m² indoor and 3000 m² outdoor area and has been equipped with the latest technology packing machines of internationally famous machine producers. In our manufacturing facilities, the zipper manufacturing which has been manufactured by the limited number of companies in the world has been conducted; we direct the world’s packing sector through making contribution to developing innovative products with our RE&DE studies and to the economy of world.

Besides, we conduct reliable packing manufacturing for all our customers at world standards by using BRC Global Standard which was developed by British Retail Consortium (BRC) protecting the interests of British Retailers.

The sales, marketing and after-sales service quality have been integrated with the training of our sales team and employees in various countries of the world and with the Principle of Trust which is the corporate culture of our company and we offer perfect service to our customers thanks to our technology investments and infrastructure investments equipped at world standards.

To have a voice in the global market and direct the world’s packing sector through making innovative investments within the light of our understanding of quality by using our experience and knowledge.

With the identity of Flag Carrier of the packing sector; to be an active leader packing company at global scale which has been preferred with its reliability, product range, service quality and competitive position.

In order to create a strong society from the social and economical sectors, we, at KRC Pack Ambalaj Sanayi Ticaret A.Ş. consider that the society problems of education, health and environment must be solved. Therefore, we hold the belief that societies will be stronger by the proper raising of generation and youth support in this regard, thanks to our activities of social responsibility.