“KrcPack Ambalaj Sanayi Ticaret A.Ş.” is a major flexible packaging manufacturer of single layer and multi-layer packaging, ready-made bags, and pouches at the enterprise with a total area of 12.000m² (covered area of 9.000m², open 3.000m²) equipped with the most modern high-quality and high-tech machines. With its significant experience and knowledge accumulated over the years of work in the packaging sector “KrcPack Ambalaj Sanayi Ticaret A.Ş.” has been exporting to the CIS countries, Europe, the Middle East. We are committed to direct the world’s packing sector through making a contribution to developing innovative products, studies.

Our continuous investments in technology, infrastructure and high-quality equipment of world standards allow us to deliver to our clients exceptional high service. Our sales team consist of internationally, skilled and dedicated people. We offer our clients specific solutions that will greatly add value to their products.


Packaging not only has to protect its contents, its success rests on its ability to distinguish the visual and physical properties that make it stand out from the crowd and connect with consumers as part of the brand experience. Packaging must also add value throughout the supply chain, making distribution to and handling by the consumer as efficient as possible while minimizing its environmental impact. Therefore, we are constantly seeking for packaging innovation with the essence of KrcPack packaging intelligence.

To realize that approach, KrcPack leverages closer relationships with its customers, ensuring that KrcPack, as their packaging partner, fully understands the dynamics that are shaping its customer’s markets to deliver the innovative packaging that they need and want.


Pouches (Doypack)

Pouches are available in different formats from a three-side seal to a stand up pouch, with or without re-closures.


Pouches (Shape Cut)

Pouches are available in different formats from a three-side seal to a stand up pouch, with or without re-closures.

spout pouches

Spout Pouches (Shape Cut)

Spout Pouches are a cost-effective alternative to rigid packaging and are available with many different types of attachments of spout, in a range of sizes and colours.


Plastic Side/Back Seam Sacks

Plastic Side/Back Seam Sacks are available with or without gussets and can be produced from both surface print and laminated films.


Flat Base Pouches (Block Bottom)

Flat Base Pouches are side-gusseted pouches with five main panels for product branding.


Quad Seal

Quad Seal laminated bags are side-gusseted pouches with four main panels for product branding.


Three Side Seal

Three Side Seal description


As KRCPACK Packaging; We have adopted as a business culture the principle of the BRC-PM standard requirements approved by the GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) under the light of the latest technologies which is valid at global markets.

We always consider all requests and feedbacks from our customers to improve our quality standards. We supply the best machinery and equipment to keep product quality at the highest level. In this way, by combining quality and technology, we monitor quality data and all traceability records from supplier to customer through the ERP process.

In order to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction;

Tightness test,
Lamination control with the incubator equipment,
To improve product safety, we are proud of being a partner and supporter of our customers’ products with pasteurization process analysis.

KRC 01

We were successfully certified with ISO Quality Certificates as ‘’KrcPack’’, we conduct reliable packing manufacturing for all our customers at world standards by using BRC Global Standard which was developed by British Retail Consortium (BRC) protecting the interests of British Retailers.


Product Responsibility and Product Recall

We are responsible for all our products. In case of any problem in printing, we recall the product back in order to solve the problem.

We follow the products through all process to make sure clients will ve satisfied.

Our aim to deliver excellent service and products to our clients, suppliers by creating dynamic cooperative intreaction


To protect our environment and provide its sustainability we should obey all environment’s laws and regulations and keep harmful effects under control, we need to constantly improve our environmental performance by reducing harmful effects, improving this conciousness we will leave a clean nature to next generations.

• We have to provide all kind of legal requirements and customer’s requirements, we should improve and make it better permanently.
• We shoul take into consideration the environmental effects on production investments.
• Reduce our waste as minimum, prevent pollution on its foundation, recycle them as for as possible. If they can not be recycled, we destroy them by avoiding make any damage to nature. So the affects on nature reduced in this way.
• We give educations to our employments, our suppliers and our subcontractors in regard to environment and this improves conciousness.
• We take forward environment management system about to increase our environmental performance.
• It guarantees to rewiew periodically to reach these targets and purposes.